How to Prioritise Wedding Expenses on a Limited Budget

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We can think of approximately 1,000 areas of wedding planning that are far more enjoyable than budget, from designing florals to trying on wedding-day attire to sampling cake. Unfortunately, determining how to prioritise your wedding budget is an unavoidable part of the planning process. In this long hard quest of saving money while planning an extravagant wedding, it is required to prioritise your wedding-affiliated factors and bring them down into the budget.

To stay within your budget you need to prioritise. What’s most important to you?

Here are some expenses for weddings:

  • Wedding Venue Rental
  • Food & Catering
  • Clothing and Makeup
  • Pre-Wedding Party
  • Photography & Videography
  • Wedding Planner
  • Entertainment
  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Wedding Favours

Most weddings follow the same style, and your guests will not recall every detail that you put your heart and soul into. In other words, think selfishly about everything and don’t get too worked up over trivial matters. You’ll be a stress ball if you focus on every single detail. Rather, pick the three or four most important things to you. The following is essentially how you should prioritise all of your spendings optimally.

Top Priority

  1. Venue
  2. Catering
  3. Photography
  4. Wedding Clothing

Middle Priority

  1. Hair and Makeup
  2. Invitations and Website
  3. Coordinator
  4. Officiant

Low Priority

  1. Wedding Party
  2. Wedding Planner
  3. Wedding Decor
  4. Wedding Favours
  5. Videographer


One of the main priorities for a pair should be the meals. Everyone enjoys eating; it is one of life’s simple pleasures. People want their wedding meal to be so delicious that their relatives refer to it as “some good food” later in life. You can go all out with the catering and contact your favourite Food Chain to see if they can set up a stall at your wedding.

Wedding Venue 

People’s culinary preferences frequently influence their venue selections because the majority prefer the in-house dining offered by the venue itself. Many people prefer an outdoor venue, such as a Wedding Banquet in South Delhi. Many priorities converge and eventually aid in prioritising the important stuff. These characteristics also aid in the venue search.


Photography could be another parameter to keep on priority. People want professional photos to look back to. It is a life milestone event and is worth remembering through pictures. Many people even put up their wedding pictures on their walls. So parameters like these help you put things on your top priority. Creating a list for the same helps.

Prioritise your key parameters once you are aware of them. Everything else needs not to be flawless. You can save money by going to these places.

Rank your list based simply on how much you care

Now that you’ve put down every spending category that could potentially end up in your formal budget, it’s time to rank everything. First, sort the major categories. What significance do the design and materials of your save the dates, RSVPs, invites, programmes and meals have? If you care more about your videographer than you do about paper materials, rank accordingly. After you’ve ranked your categories, begin ranking the mini-lists within each category. For example, if your invitations are extremely important to you, followed by your programmes, but your save the date is less important to you and you’re alright with online RSVPs.

Create a Spreadsheet

To keep track of your expenses, do as wedding planners do and create an Excel workbook or Google Doc that includes everything that goes into your big day. Divide the cost of each category into its component pieces. Make line items for the dress, accessories, and modifications under “bride’s attire,” for example.

You may populate the spreadsheet with whatever information you believe is important. Each spreadsheet should include facts about the vendor contract, estimated and actual expenditures, extra service fees and gratuities, transportation and parking charges for off-site providers, and taxes. Make a total line and add as you go with the auto-sum option.

We hope that this Wedding Budget Prioritising comes in Handy to you for your Wedding. If you’re a bride or a groom and your friends and family showed up to celebrate with you, the whole endeavour was a success. Although it can be easier said than done, try to remember to prioritise the wedding, not the wedding details. And have fun!