Online Document Verification for Travel: Ensuring Border Security

Document Verification

Even though Covid had a massive impact on the travel industry, it’s on track to revival. According to economic impact reports, one in four jobs worldwide was related to this industry before Covid. However, the global travel and tourism industry saw a dip in revenue due to the pandemic lockdown. In 2021, there was a halt in the negative trend resulting in an upward flow of travel spend. Despite a substantial social impact, the travel industry still lacks proper online document verification. The primary effect of this problem is that more than 60,000 travelers do not get entrance to destination points. However, an even bigger issue is the penalties due to poor verification documents. 

Verification Challenges

The logical thing under such circumstances is to implement a robust document verification process online. Not only can it save the travel industry from potential fines, but it can also help decrease passengers’ wait times. Moreover, it connects to higher profit margins and happier customers in the long run. To fully comprehend the importance of online document verification, one must understand the challenges that plague the travel sector. Here are some of the most common yet damaging of these issues:

Diverse Documents

Travel is more complex these days. Despite the lack of technology, travelers enjoyed a sense of freedom. However, numerous border checks and security protocols diminish this sense of liberation from travel. One of the immediate reasons is the plethora of required documents. The list can include travel permits, passports, visas, and now Covid certificates. Without a robust online document verification system, it can become nearly impossible for border security to verify each traveler accurately.

Date of Expiry

Even after verifying security features on the documents, fraudsters are a prevalent issue. One of their forms of attacks is using expired documents. Since there are more travelers than in the last three years, the traveling industry needs to catch up in processing. During peak travel hours, some people can get by using these documents. However, online document verification ensures that verification will always be accurate despite the number of queries. Therefore, even if the number of travelers increases tenfold, the system will accurately verify the documents. 

Language Barrier

While digital media stands atop the global village revolution, airplanes and ferries are the practical means of this purpose. They give people new opportunities to explore the world and interact with diverse people. It can be problematic for border security. People worldwide speak different languages, which can reflect in their documents. This can be considerably troublesome when the language contains non-Latin symbols as well. Unless the organizations hire expert translators for every language, online document verification is the only viable solution.

Document Forgery

Digitization brings ease into the lives of so many people. Yet, for some, it only represents more opportunities for fraud. Since the security features of most documents are now publicly available on the web, cybercriminals can forge them easily. The increasing number of fraud cases makes screening burdensome, which is why the online document verification system aims to automate these tasks. 

Regulatory Compliances

Furthermore, if the airport or travel agency fails to solve these challenges, it will result in hefty penalties. These fines can cause an average loss of $3500 per traveler. Moreover, the airline must return travelers to their original location. Hence, resulting in an extra cost over the penalty. 

Solution for Document Attestation Challenges:

As discussed, the challenges for document verification are numerous. Regulatory fines are one thing, but constant penalties can result in unsatisfactory customer retention. Therefore, a robust system is needed to protect the agency or airline from closure. This is where online document verification comes in to save the day.

Online Document Verification System

Unlike manual verification systems, an online process provides an automated workflow. This ensures that human errors will remain negligible. Moreover, document verification online can perform validations much faster than manual ones. Thereby reducing the processing time as well. 

The Role of AI

Online document verification boasts the power of artificial intelligence under its hood. Recent advancements in AI mean that document verification is more robust and accessible than ever. Moreover, another aspect of AI usage is that hackers can now keep trying to innovate new ways to forge documents. Yet, the learning capability of AI means that it will keep up with illicit activities. 

Online Document Verification in a Nutshell

Travel supports all sectors of industry and life. Any prevalent issue can result in a negative ripple effect on global trade. Keeping these points and the rising fraud in view, it is imperative to implement online document verification at checkpoints. Apart from the security point of view, this system can also help minimize the processing time. Therefore, resulting in better travel during peak hours as well.